VeggieRx is a behavior change program for overweight and obese low income individuals and families. The program provides nutrition education and access to healthy foods through a series of 8 classes over 16 weeks where participants engage in discussions and hands-on activities about food, nutrition, and cooking. At each class, health indicators such as height, weight, blood pressure, and BMI are measured, and participants receive “prescription” vouchers that can only be used to purchase fruits and vegetables at local farmers’ markets. By tracking health indicators, participants and program staff can witness the positive health changes associated with a healthier diet and increased access to healthy foods.

Veggie-RxFresh Approach has been operating VeggieRx since 2011 in the Bay Area, tracking results along the way. See our 2012 VeggieRx Report, 2013 VeggieRx Report, and 2014 Early Results for details, and our VeggieRx Follow-up to find out more about the long term benefits for participants.

In 2015, VeggieRx is made possible by the generous support of the California Department of Food and Agriculture through the Specialty Crop Block Grant program and Kaiser Permanente Northern California through their Regional Community Benefit Program.

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